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Your Career in Your Hands

Risks and Opportunities in 2006

In recent years, the engineering and construction job market has become more and more candidate driven. With skills in the technical sector in shorter and shorter supply, major projects and hiring companies are increasing aware of the importance of good candidate management.

As a professional in our industry, demand for your skills grows ever greater and there are many options available to you in managing and driving your own career.

One of the major changes in the way employers operate in the search for key skills is the rise of technology solutions. Traditional methods of recruiting, with small networks of relationships grown from personal contact are becoming redundant in the global market. It is no longer practical for engineers to rely on personal relationships alone to guarantee themselves access to the most lucrative contracts or significant career moves.

EPCglobal have been at the forefront of development in bringing the engineering community closer together, increasing the efficiency of our clients’ search for experienced professionals and empowering our candidates to find new opportunities and be found directly by the businesses that need their skills so urgently.

The danger for professionals in this industry is not an absence of opportunity, with such sustained investment in infrastructure across the world, but rather in the risk of missing the perfect opportunity simply by being unaware of it. Today, thousands of engineers are not fulfilling their true earning potential. Thousands more have not advanced to the level of responsibility and recognition that their skills deserve. Access to all relevant and available information is crucial. It is not enough to know that projects are underway, nor is it enough to have a vague understanding of market rates. It is vital to gain a clear picture of the industry in detail, to know who exactly is looking to hire you, what you could be doing at this stage in your career and what you should expect to be earning. is now the only fully integrated recruitment solution available to professional engineers that combines the infinite reach of the internet with the personal support and guidance that ensures your career is managed discreetly and with clear focus by experienced professionals who are accessible to you and understand your requirements in detail.

Right now all over the world, companies are accessing our global community directly via As a member of this community it is vital to keep your profile accurate and up to date. Only our technology allows you to account for your skills in specific detail, enabling you to match yourself to projects and companies in over 40 countries immediately and to express interest in the roles that will suit you. Our clients can also find you directly, by matching their positions to your profile.

To take full advantage of this service and guarantee that you don't miss out on ideal opportunities, visit today and update your profile.

2006 could be the year that your career leaps forward.

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